Dating a guarded woman

I notice a pattern with women (don’t worry we’ll get to the men below) when they complain about Fuck Boys, they talk around the real problem.

A girl would rather question why a man acts the way he acts then question why she’s attracted to a man that consistently acts in that fucked up manner.

There is nothing wrong with you that can’t be fixed over time and no trauma that can’t be healed with self-love.The core of this attraction, from the people I’ve studied, is that a woman feels that if she works hard to understand why a man treats her like shit, he’ll repay that compassion by doing the same investigation into her issues.Let’s keep it real, you wish you had someone who was brave enough to sit you down and ask why you’re hurting.No one appreciates what you do for them, how many times do you need to keep pointing that out before you stop being unselfish?9 out of 10 people are never going to change they’re just going to complain.

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